Saturday, June 27, 2009

Paper Cut

Finally I got a semester break and spent a week cutting paper. here are the result...

Monday, June 15, 2009

IDDN 211 Project 02

It was a material experiment project and we had to make mold and vacumming it to creat forms. I created my molds and patterns using laser cutter. I also spray paint the form to give a texture.

These are the patters I used for my form.

These are the forms made out of single mold.

Final Images


This is final project for IDDN 211. It was about making a water bottle and my concept was about playful and fun. I designed my bottle for kids, age between 5 to 12. One thing I noticed about kids is they always throw thing so I wanted my bottle to roll when they throw. Vitamins are importanted for kids so i dcided my bottle to hold fruit juice. From my experience, it is quite wired to refill water to any juice bottle and I normally thorw away bottle. For my concept, I want people to collect and keep the bottle. It could use as a toy or split up in half after drinking so it can be used as cup for jelly.