Wednesday, August 26, 2009

IDDN 201

This paper was about modeling and drawing. We got five different objects (Wire, Acrylic Plate, Cibatool Block, Pins and Aluminum tube) and we had to make a model form a word that we choose. Mine was JEALOUS and I stated playing around with ideas about how each objects get jealous each other and trying to be other. I made mock up models for the concept. In the final one, tube wanted to be as flat as a plate and sharp as pin. The block wanted to be a tube. The wire wanted to be the block and The plate wanted to be a pin. Pin wanted to be unknown so it's hiding underneath. After we got the final model we had to make it into product without changing the composition. I thought Alarm clock with mp3 player was suitable for my composition and it could project in 3d space I hope you will see what I mean in the clip. Thanks...
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